Episode 5

Chef Marcela Valladolid (S7/Ep.05)

Published on: 13th April, 2022

Marcela Valladolid is a CEO, chef, entrepreneur, teacher, Emmy-nominated TV personality, author, businesswoman, designer, Founder at Casa Marcela and the proud mother of three children. She grew up in Tijuana, Mexico and later attended culinary school in Los Angeles and Paris before beginning her professional career as a Food Editor for Bon Appétit Magazine. She then moved into television, publishing a number of best-selling cookbooks. Currently she is hosting a virtual live cooking class and entertainment show with her sister called “The Marcela & Carina Show.” During this episode, we discuss how she made her way (and excelled!) into the food world, the importance of preserving Mexico’s culture and cuisine and the role it plays in shaping her personal businesses. She’s a big proponent of helping others and giving back to her community through many organizations, one being Proyecto Colibrí/Project Hummingbird. Enjoy this episode as we go Beyond the Plate… with Chef Marcela Valladolid.

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