Episode 17

R.J., Jerrod, and Molly Melman: when they know a restaurant is a success (S9/Ep.17)

Published on: 8th November, 2023

We’re breaking away from this season’s “duos” theme and bringing you a TRIO! R.J., Jerrod, and Molly Melman are the sibling trio behind Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants, a privately held, family-owned restaurant group with more than 110 restaurants and 60 unique concepts nationwide, including; the RPM Restaurants, Sushi-san, Aba, Ramen-san, Bub City, Miru, The Oakville Grill & Cellar, Summer House Santa Monica, Three Dots & a Dash, and more. 

In this episode, we discuss the ups and downs of the restaurant industry, and how reimagining one of their failed restaurant/club spaces, ultimately got converted into one of the city’s hottest concepts with multiple locations. They also share lessons learned from having the legendary restaurateur Rich Melman as their dad.

The Melmans and Lettuce Entertain You are one of the most generous restaurant groups in America. In addition to the number of organizations Lettuce works with, R.J., Jerrod, and Molly each have causes close to their heart such as Israel Cancer Research Fund, Metropolitan Family Services, Share Our Strength, The Pink Agenda, and Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Enjoy this episode as we go Beyond the Plate… with R.J., Jerrod, and Molly Melman. 

This season is brought to you by Fords Gin, a gin created to cocktail.

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