Episode 14

Beyond the Drink: Drink Masters’ Kate Gerwin and Christian “Suzu” Suzuki (S9/Ep.14)

Published on: 18th October, 2023

Kate and Suzu both competed in the hit Netflix reality competition series, “Drink Masters.” As you’ll quickly notice in this discussion, they also happen to be great friends. Kate’s award-winning bar is in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She’s been named by Drinks International as one of the industry's "Top 100 Most Influential Figures in the World." Suzu is a returning guest of Beyond the Drink (Season 6), and has worked in some of San Francisco’s most iconic cocktail bars.

In this episode, Kate shares a cocktail called “Goo Goo For Suzu” (gin, gooseberry, yuzu, togarashi, calpico) that was inspired by her time filming “Drink Masters.” Suzu shares a drink called “Still Together in San Junipero” (gin, cacao rum, pink guava, yuzu juice, amaro, and clarified with milk) that was inspired by another Netflix show, “Black Mirror.” 

Kate and Suzu share how they each give back to their communities. Kate does work with New Mexico Black Cat Cultural Enterprises as well as S.A.F.E. House, an organization that connects her and her staff with families in need. Suzu added on to what he spoke about in Season 6/Episode2 by sharing how he and his bar show support to the community not only through fundraisers and events, but also by sharing tools and resources of how to support the AAPI community. Enjoy this episode as we go Beyond the Drink… with Kate Gerwin and Christian “Suzu” Suzuki.

This season is brought to you by Fords Gin, a gin created to cocktail.

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